About my work

Landscape dissolves into light, water, weather and through people.
Thanks to its gravity it recomposes time and time again.
In its transitions landscape reveals its essence, its transcendence and its beauty. Like landscape, painting knows how to dissolve what is specific, solid, visible and familiar to us. Thus it traces the invisible without ever recognising 
it completely.

Landscape reflects underlying realities/truths, makes them show through, encrypts them, discloses them only as approximations. Landscape is already a filter of what lies underneath, and in addition human view is influenced, shaped, blocked, distorted. I do not attempt to decode what is underneath or above. The secret should be kept. Beauty should be preserved, and what is encrypted, the mysterious, might well be part of that beauty. 

In my current series “Störbilder” (disturbed pictures), landscapes appear as if hidden by a curtain, a veil or lines. They allude to the contemporary perception of the world through modern media and to how flawed this perception is. I started to “disturb” my paintings in the spring of 2011. The accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant led to her view of the world being “broken”. The beauty of the landscapes that inspire her paintings – the Berry in France, the Uckermark in eastern Germany, the sea – has not suffered. But man has inscribed them with a virulent conflict.